Away from clickbait tourism

Imagine you live in a city that is regularly listed as one of the places with the best quality of life in the world. A city that has architectural splendour, magnificent culture, music, arts, that get blogged into submission – and teeter on the edge of becoming staid victims of clickbait travel blogging. Each clickbait list-style blog another bullet in its soul. Now try to imagine why people who have taken half a lifetime to explore strange parts of the city and choose not to share them on tripadvisor, and who don’t want to be reminded of the magnificence that they take for granted, that draws in the tourists and adorns every clickbait tourism terror site. Just imagine the adventure of heading out the wrong side of the tram/train/metro tracks. Imagine finding a quiet little cafe, where a gruff waiter doesn’t spill half the bitter coffee into the saucer. Imagine finding a bar that might serve Guinness but hasn’t allegedly been cobbled together using an Irish pub surplus store to ensure that authentic Oirish feel. Imagine watching a game of football in the lower reaches of the amateur league a far cry from the premier leagues. Maybe you get lost on the way, and end up somewhere completely different, a couple of streets away from where you should be. That’s living…


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