Vienna is a city of wonder, but so many who visit only see the clichéed list of sites, many barely even getting beyond the Ringstrasse. Part of Vienna’s character and charm is far more the fact that there is so much more beyond the Ringstrasse. When you live here day-in-day-out there are so many things you discover and take in, by just looking around you. This is exactly why so many clickbaity sites with promises of “10 things you can’t miss…” become so infuriating. If you do ADHD tourism and like to tick off lists, this blog might not be for you, but if you are here for the long haul, then maybe you’ll enjoy the multi-faceted nature of this wonderful city.

Some days, my Vienna experience is limited just to a tram and bus to work and back, barely registering my surroundings. Which is probably a shame. Other days, I am able to explore its corners and crevices, far from the madd(en)ing crowd.